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When you donate USDC to the DAO's treasury, you will receive $FRIES in return proportionally. $FRIES tokens are symbolic recognition of your contribution and can be used to vote on proposals for friesDAO for you to govern the DAO to use its treasury in accordance with your donation.
Any $FRIES in the treasury cannot be used to vote and can only be unlocked and used through governance proposals.


Total Supply: 840,000,000 $FRIES
Initial Circulating Supply: 233,961,062 $FRIES (Raise)
Each token is a symbolic recognition of your 0.023088 USDC donation contribution. As this is not an investment solicitation, no VCs or funds were offered any tokens at a discount or as part of an investment "round". Each token represents the same rate of contribution for all parties.
Network: Ethereum Mainnet
Contract Address: 0xFA57F00D948bb6a28072f5416fCbF7836C3d62dD