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Who exactly are we?

Initial Organizing Advisors

  • Brett Beller (SupersizeandMe)
    • Co-founder of Drizly (exited to Uber for $1.1B)
    • Registered business attorney and joined/co-founded several startups.
  • Bill Lee (crewmember9000)
    • Co-founder of Launch Code Capital and community MoonshotCrypto
    • CT influencer, algo trading developer, and an MBA-educated entrepreneur currently operating several businesses
  • Slippery Grease
    • Frontend and Solidity developer that has worked on prior DeFi projects in the space
  • Kory Spiroff (PIzzaGuy)
    • Former president at Domino's and Alamar Foods Company
    • 35 years of restaurant industry experience
  • Olivier Meyer (Mustard&Ketchup) & Jean-Claude Meyer (Tobrane)
    • Two brothers with each over 20 years experience in multiple successful business ventures internationally
    • Co-founded and managed an award winning franchise group outside the US that currently operates 170+ stores of top tier North American franchise brands
  • Rowan Stone
    • Horizen Labs advisor, formerly operations at Totle
    • Business development at major US crypto exchange
  • vFat
    • Founder and numerous DeFi projects, Solidity developer