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Membership NFTs

Membership NFTs will be mintable for early contributors and the general public. These NFTs will create an additonal tie between friesDAO network stores and community members. Franchise brands typically permit individual stores to do local marketing, and NFTs would be an excellent form of digital coupons. FriesDAO will negotiate with owners of the stores to permit an alloted amount of value in food, through contractual obligation, to be provided to holders of NFTs who visit the stores (as well as any other perks that the community decides upon within the permissible realm of the stores, brands, and the law).
There will be a total of 7969 NFTs.
  • 200 Pre-Release Edition (0 ETH mint) - eligible for whitelist contributors
  • 350 Limited Edition (0.03 ETH mint) - eligible for public raise contributors who contribute at least 5000 USDC
  • 450 Genesis Edition (0.06 ETH mint) - eligible for early participants of the DAO, awarded to Spicy role from Discord and most active participants
  • 6969 Standard Edition - minted by redeeming points earned through staking FRIES tokens
These NFTs will become mintable on a minting page at within a week after the raise is completed. You receive a placeholder image mint. The full image reveal and traits will occur approximately one month after the minting process starts.