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Welcome, Crew Member

friesDAO (Franchises & Restaurants Integrated Efficiently & Systematically) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) on Ethereum seeking to buy fast food stores. For the first time in history, we will attempt to bridge blockchain-based governance with real world operations of well known franchise brands. From these operations we seek to scale in a decentralized manner, scaling into cities around the world, and shaping the utility of our endeavor through community discussions and tokenized governance. We also intend to explore IoT and machinefi capabilities of our store operations that can be accessed by the governance token. As a social experiment, it is our duty to share our findings and experiences with the world in the emerging space of real world DAOs.

What Are We Doing?

Form a Treasury

Gather USDC contributions (on Ethereum) from community donors and distribute $FRIES governance tokens.

Purchase Franchises

Negotiate with franchise owners and brands to buy well-known fast food stores using the friesDAO community treasury.

Expand the Empire

Create a reproducible framework for community governance to influence store improvements or expansions.

Shape the Utility

Participate in serious yet memeworthy discussions like prioritizing jobs for ourselves and getting NFT coupons for free food.
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